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Member Portal Log In Changes

Member Portal Log In Changes

It is the Fund’s priority to keep your information secure. Similar to how you may log in to your bank or other financial institution, we are adding two-factor authentication which will require you enter an additional code when you log into our Member Portal. This extra step (two-factor) will help prevent malicious attempts to access your account. This additional code will be sent to your email when you log in. You have the option, once logged in to set up a mobile phone number and receive the code by a text message to your mobile phone for future log ins.

For your security, all members receiving monthly payments (retirees, surviving spouses and alternate payees) will be required, to enter a secure access (two-factor authentication) code when logging in after providing your email and password as you had previously. You may also be prompted for one of your security questions as well if you are logging in from a different device or browser than your last log in.

For those that are active employees or separated members with funds still in the retirement plan but not yet receiving a monthly payment, you can elect to turn on this additional security. To enable this secure access two-factor authentication you will go to the “Change Profile” page after logging in and enabling Secure Access 2 Factor Authentication with your email or by adding your mobile phone number.

Should you have questions about accessing the member portal, please call us at 817-632-8900 or reach our web page at http://www.fwretirement.org.