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Nominations now open for Place 3

Nominations for Place 3 open July 12 - August 10.
For the Place 3 position (representing general employees in Group C), none of the nominees reached the required 75 nominations, so a new nomination period opened on July 12. All Place 3 nominations must be received by Tuesday, August 10 at 4pm. 

Employees who completed an online nomination or signed a petition in the first nomination period will need to do so again in the second nomination period.

Those eligible to participate in the nomination process for Place 3 on the Board are active employees in Group C, which consists of the following departments: 
•    City Manager, City Secretary, Communications & Public Engagement, Financial Management Services, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, Internal Audit, Law, Municipal Courts, Development Services, Planning & Data Analytics, Water and Waste Water, and non-Civil Service Employees of the Police Department.

Read more details about the nomination and election processes here

Active employees in Group C
Nominate yourself online.
Support others' nominations online.
Download a paper nomination petition for Place 3.

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Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to run for Places 1 - 4, an employee must:

  • Be an active, vested city employee at the time of the election;
  • Be a member of the department/group which they wish to represent;
  • Get at least 75 signatures of active members of the department/group they wish to represent (temporary employees' signatures do not count toward the 75 needed);
  • Turn in the petition forms by the deadline announced by the Retirement Fund.

To run for Places 5 - 7, a retiree must:

  • Be a retired city employee at the time of the election (being in the DROP does not count as being a retiree; the candidate must actually have separated from employment with the city and receive a monthly pension benefit);
  • Get at least 25 nominations from retirees of the department/group they wish to represent (not including survivors and/or surviving spouses) using the online nominations platform, paper forms / letters, or both; YesElections mails nomination letters with forms to all retirees eligible for each specific election;
  • Have any forms / letters submitted by the deadline announced by the Retirement Fund.

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