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Fund Board Election is Underway

Retirement Fund Board elections for Places 1, 3, 5 and 7 began in May with the nominations process, which ended June 23, 2017. Elections began July 20 for Place 3, the only contested race in 2017. A third-party election company, Election-America, is implementing the voting process. Mail ballots, with complete voting instructions, were sent July 20 to active Employee Group C members. An email voting reminder was also sent to all members eligible to vote and who also have an email address on file with the Retirement Fund. Several email reminders will be sent throughout the voting cycle. More information is available at 817-632-8906.

The deadline to vote in the Place 3 election is Aug. 15 for online and telephone voting. Paper ballots must be on premises at Election-America no later than Aug. 17.

Place 3 represents Employee Group C, including City Manager, City Secretary, Financial Management Services, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Law, Municipal Courts, Performance and Budget, Planning and Development, Water and Waste Water and non-Civil Service Police personnel. Only theses members will receive mail and email ballots.

Places 1, 5 and 7 will not have elections, since only once person in each Place was nominated. Place 1 represents Employee Group A, Civil Service police personnel.  Place 5 represents Retiree Group B, retired Civil Service fire personnel, and Place 7 represents Retiree Group C, all retired general employees. Winners in all Places will be announced in late August following Board approval of election results.