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Fund Board Elections/ Nominations Process is Underway!

Nominations and elections for Places 1, 3, 5 and 7 on the Fund Board begins in May with the nominations process. Place 1 represents Employee Group A, Civil Service police personnel. Place 3 represents Employee Group C, including City Manager, City Secretary, Financial Management Services, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Law, Municipal Courts, Performance and Budget, Planning and Development, Water and Waste Water and non-Civil Service Police personnel. Place 5 represents Retiree Group B, retired Civil Service fire personnel, and Place 7 represents Retiree Group C, all retired general employees.

For Places 1 and 3, nominees must be active, vested members of the Fund and submit a petition by June 23, signed by at least 75 members of the same employee group to which the nominee belongs. Petitions are by clicking below or by calling 817-632-8900.

For retiree elections (Places 5 and 7) Notice of Election and Nomination Forms were mailed May 19, 2017, and must be returned to the Retirement Fund no later than June 23, 2017. Nominees from the two retiree places must have a least 25 Nomination Forms to be eligible to run.

For complete information on the elections process, eligibility requirements, Employee or Retiree Group lists, and current Trustees click on the links below or call 817-632-8900.

Place 1
Place 3
Place 5
Place 7
Eligibility Requirements