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Place 3 Fund Board Run-Off Election is in Progress

The Place 3* Retirement Fund Board election resulted in a run-off between Loraine Coleman and Margaret Wise. The run-off began Sept. 1. Ballots have been mailed to all eligible Place 3 employees and email reminders will be sent. Just like in the regular election, instructions and deadlines will be outlined on the ballot. You have until Sept. 20 to vote online or by phone; mail ballots must be in hand at Election-America no later than Sept. 20, so mail them as early as possible. If you have questions, please call the Retirement Fund at 817-632-8906.

(*Place 3 represents Employee Group C, active members in the following departments: City Manager, City Secretary, Financial Management Services, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Law, Municipal Courts, Performance & Budget, Planning & Development, Water and Waste Water, and non-Civil Service police personnel.).