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Retirement Office Staff

Main number: 817-632-8900
Toll Free: (800) 741-9914 
Email: ask@fwretirement.org
All phone numbers below for staff receive fax and text messages.

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Other Useful contact Information

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First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Derrick Dagnan CIO Derrick.Dagnan@fwretirement.org 817-632-8919
Annette Connor Executive/Legal Assistant Annette.Connor@fwretirement.org 817-632-8908
Vacant Benefits Analyst
Mary Braddock Member Services Specialist Mary.Braddock@fwretirement.org 817-632-8903
Victoria Valles-Miller Member Services Assistant Victoria.Valles-Miller@fwretirement.org 817-632-8901
Mary Beth Lane Pension Administration System Analyst Mary_Beth.Lane@fwretirement.org 817-632-8904
Vacant Communications Specialist 817-632-8906
Carla Perez Member Services Specialist Carla.Perez@fwretirement.org 817-632-8907
Desiree Trevino Administrative Assistant Desiree.Trevino@fwretirement.org 817-632-8900
Robert Hulme Director of Operations Robert.Hulme@fwretirement.org 817-632-8918
Branden George Investment Analyst Branden.George@fwretirement.org 817-632-8916
Christina Wu Investment Officer Christina.Wu@fwretirement.org 817-632-8915
Karen Epp Accounting Manager, CPA Karen.Epp@fwretirement.org 817-632-8912
Christian Wetshi Senior Accountant Christian.Wetshi@fwretirement.org 817-632-8911
Eleza Abdul Acting Benefits Manager Eleza.Abdul@fwretirement.org 817-632-8902
Rebecca Earley Operations Assistant Rebecca.Earley@fwretirement.org 817-632-8914
Benita Harper Executive Director Benita.Harper@fwretirement.org 817-632-8909
Charles Henry IT Systems Administrator Charles.Henry@fwretirement.org 817-928-5422
Joanna White Member Services Assistant Joanna.White@fwretirement.org 817-632-8917
Brad Duckworth Member Services Specialist Brad.Duckworth@fwretirement.org 817-632-8905
Mary Chang General Counsel Mary.Chang@fwretirement.org 817-928-5423