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Board of Trustees and Representation

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The Fort Worth Employees’ Retirement Fund Board of Trustees is composed of 13 members, as set forth in Senate Bill 976. Trustees are elected for a two-year term that begins September 1. Active employees elect four representatives, retired members elect three representatives and the remaining six trustees are appointed by City Council. Elections for places 1, 3, 5, and 7 are held in odd years and places 2, 4, and 6 are held in even years..

Our mission and vision

General Employees are represented by elections in the following groups:


City Manager, City Secretary, Communications & Public Engagement, Financial Management Services, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, Internal Audit, Law, Municipal Courts, Development Services, Planning & Data Analytics, Water and Waste Water, and non-Civil Service Employees of the Police Department


Aviation, Code Compliance, Economic Development, IT Solutions, Library, Neighborhood Services, Park & Recreation, Property Management, Public Events, Transportation and Public Works, and non-Civil Service Employees of the Fire Department

Name Place/Description Method Email
Lloyd Cook Place 01 - Active Police Officer Elected Lloyd.Cook@fwretirement.org
Todd Cox Place 02 - Active Firefighter Elected Todd.Cox@fwretirement.org
Loraine Coleman Place 03 - Active General Employee Group C Elected Loraine.Coleman@fwretirement.org
Andrea Wright Place 04 - Active General Employee Group D Elected Andrea.Wright@fwretirement.org
Tom Lewis Place 05 - Retired Firefighter Elected Tom.Lewis@fwretirement.org
Kevin Foster Place 06 - Retired Police Officer Elected Kevin.Foster@fwretirement.org
Marsha Anderson Place 07 - Retired General Employee Elected Marsha.Anderson@fwretirement.org
Jesus Payan Place 08 - Council Appointee Appointed Jesus.Payan@fwretirement.org
Vacant Place 09 - Council Appointee Appointed
Steve Litke Place 10 - Council Appointee Appointed Steve.Litke@fwretirement.org
Bryan Barrett Place 11 - Council Appointee Appointed Bryan.Barrett@fwretirement.org
Jim Lacamp Place 12 - Council Appointee Appointed Jim.Lacamp@fwretirement.org
Reginald Zeno Place 13 - Fort Worth Chief Financial Officer Appointed Reginald.Zeno@fwretirement.org